Our Address:

4753 Old US Highway 322
Reedsville, PA 17084

Our Phone:

(717) 667-9918

Hours of Operation:

Monday: 11am -10pm
Tuesday: 11am -10pm
Wednesday: 11am -10pm
Thursday:11am -10pm
Friday: 10am - 11pm
Saturday: 10 - 11pm
Sunday: 11 - 8 pm

Call for reservations. Reservations excepted for all business hours except Friday and Saturday night.


The Bel-Vue Inn has had quite an eventful life. The restaurant originally sat on the hill above the
Milroy ball field. Armagh remained a dry township after prohibition, so in the late 40’s or early 50’s, then
owner John Rook moved the building to its present location in Brown Township. “Bel-Vue” means “beautiful
scene”, though no one is quite sure why it was called “Inn” since no rooms were ever rented.
After changing hands several times, John and Dorothy Liddick bought the business. Clair (Bud) and
Patricia Pollock owned the Reedsville Market when the Liddick’s decided to sell. On a whim, Clair decided
to sell the market and buy the Bel-Vue Inn in 1963. A year later, they built an addition. After 9 years,
they sold the business to their sons (Tom and Gary) and their wives (Jo and Vicky). In 1984, the women
took over. After 37 devoted years, Vicky and Jo sold the restaurant to their children, Dustin Pollock (Jo’s
son), Somer Weiss and Andy Pollock (Vicky’s children) in late 2009. However, you can still find them hard
at work in the kitchen throughout the week.
<We are very proud to be the third generation to operate the Bel-Vue Inn. It has been like a second
home to us our entire lives. With the strong foundation our parents and grandparents have laid for us, we
hope to continue this family tradition for many years to come. We thank you, our loyal customers, for your
continued patronage. You have made the Bel-Vue Inn truly, “The Place Where Good Friends Meet”.>
Dustin, Somer, and Andy